USB Macro Custom Mini Keyboard 12 Keys 2 Knob Programming

Color: HX-K12 White
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Custom Gaming Keyboard Knob 12 Key + 2 Knob Programmable Hotswap One-handed Mechanical Keypad for PS DrawingFeature:


▶ The product has different specifications. Please choose according to your needs. Only the Bluetooth version supports the layer function.

▶ Software Download Link: Please contact the seller's customer service for detailed installation software/steps. Easy installation.

▶ Need to use windows system for custom settings. It can be used in other systems (such as Linux, MacOS)

▶ support hot swap

Notes on using Bluetooth

Bluetooth wireless does not operate for 15 minutes, and will automatically enter the sleep mode. When sleeping, click "Key 1" on the keyboard to wake up. Wake up time, about 2 seconds, and automatic connection.

The battery is durable and fully charged. It can normally be used for about one month. When charging, the indicator light is "red", and when fully charged, the indicator light is "green".

To switch layer functions, press a lower layer key to switch to a layer, and the current layer will be automatically memorized after power failure.

1️⃣ Type-C to USB interface, no driver required, plug and play
2️⃣ Button customization, can be set according to customer requirements. The customer can provide the setting content to our customer service, or it can be designed by the customer. We send the setting software, provide video operation instructions, and can also provide remote technical assistanc
3️⃣This button can also be used to achieve complex operations, and is a good helper for office, games, music, media, and industrial contro
4️⃣Mechanical key shaft, durable
5️⃣ Support ergonomic desig
6️⃣Support hot swap
7️⃣ Available operating systems: for Windows/vista/linux/mac.

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