Soft Bullet Revolver Toy Gun



A cool revolver for the boys

This revolver toy gun is manual loaded, has a comfortable weight, and is equipped with a textured grip, giving the user the impression of being in a realistic setting. It comes with soft foam darts that are safe to use. Ideal for role-playing and shooting games.

Fun Outdoor Activities

Toy revolvers provide a simulated battle scene for children to play shooting games safely. With toy guns, children can engage in battle and experience a variety of challenges, including exercise, concentration improvement, aiming skills, observation and endurance.

Perfect Gift for Boys and Girls

The toy gun is a cool teaching tool for kids. Ideal for children and teens interested in learning to shoot. A wonderful gift for birthdays, holidays, Christmas, etc.

Toy body material: PS

Bullet material: EVA 

Contains two types of darts that can be used in a variety of situations.

Tips: Do not shoot at people's eyes directly.

What's in the package

1 Toy Revolver

24 Foam Bullets


Q: Will it break if I pull the trigger with no ammo in it?

A: No. Children can use this toy as a fidget toy or as a role-playing toy.

Q: Does it hurt when hit by the dart?

A: No. The bullet is made of soft foam material which does not hurt people.

Q: Will it get stuck?

A: No, this toy gun launches smoothly.