Rechargeable Lithium AAA Batteries 2 Pcs and 4 Pcs

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[ High Power 750mWh Capacity ] Our Rechargeable Lithium AAA batteries 2 Packs and 4 Packs optional, each with 750mWh and Constand output with 1.5V, Direct usb cable Fast Charging (Type-C port) , Great use for high-power demand device like Insulin pumps, Toy Cars, Game Controller, Bluetooth Earphone, Eletric Toothbrush, Flashlights,Portable audio players etc
[ Constant 1.5V voltage ] Provide always Fresh new Power. Embedded with innovative technology,solid output 1.5 voltage from 100% to 0% electric capacity, providing constant voltage and best performance even in very heavy load. And Our batteries has Overvoltage, overcurrent, overcharge, overheat protection
[ 1 Hour Fast Fully Charged] 1 hour for fully charging and no momory effect. Much faster than traditional Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. Has Long-lasting batteries and Ultra-low self-discharge with 1-year standby time, durable in use and storage. Red Indicator=In Charging; Off=Fully Charged.
[ 1200cycles Long Lifespan] Provide 1200 times fully charge-discharge cycles,Compared to non-rechargeable batteries and rechargeable batteries with less cycles, our batteries not only save you time and money to repurchase a regular battery, more important significantly reduces pollution to our lived environment

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