Mouse Pad With Wireless Charger 15W Wireless Charging

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1. Rubber non-slip bottom surface is equipped with non-slip rubber bottom surface, even if you swing the mouse violently, it can be fixed in the same position without affecting the game
2. The fine texture of the cloth surface is dirt-resistant + waterproof, the cloth surface can take into account the controllability and the sense of speed, and there is no discomfort when the wrist touches the cloth surface. It converts mouse movement into smooth cursor movement. In addition, it also has good waterproof and antifouling properties. You enjoy comfort in intense games
3. The fast upgrade speed is increased by 40%, the built-in fast charging chip, the intelligent discrimination model matches the exclusive fast charging mode, and it is automatically compatible with ordinary mobile phone power sources without damaging the phone
4 Better-looking light colors, through the fingerprint button on the charging board, you can switch multiple colors and dynamic cycle breathing / marquee effect
5. Light effect mouse pad, thickness 4mm, super large 80cm*30cm, 15W lightning fast charging

Product thickness: 4mm (cloth)
Power interface: usb (support QC3.0 or 3.0)
Output power: 5w/7.5w/10w
Input voltage: 5V/2A 9.0V/1.67A
Need to match: 9.0V/2A charging head can reach 15W fast charging function

( Notice :9.0V/2A charging Adapter not included)

1* Mouse Pad
1* Micro USB Cable


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