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Slice, grate, chop, peel and blend in just 5 seconds thanks to the MultiCutter Pro®

MultiCutter is the mini food processor designed to be always at hand and to slice, cut, mince, blend and peel vegetables, greens, nuts, fresh fruit, cheeses and meats quickly and easily .

This Mini food processor is equipped with 2 containers and 3 interchangeable and adjustable blades to perform different types of cuts such as sticks, cubes, rounds, strips and slices of different thicknesses. Thanks to the powerful 350 watt

motor and the very sharp carbon steel blades, MultiCutter Pro® easily cuts, minces and blends even the toughest foods such as: nuts, aged cheeses and ice.

Interchangeable and adjustable blades.

Hate wasting time cutting a thousand different ways?

Don't worry, to get the desired cut you just need to replace or adjust the blades, press the button and MultiCutter Pro® will cut automatically.

Powerful and fast.

Would you like to enjoy your favorite dishes effortlessly and in a short time?

Don't worry, all you have to do is insert the food into the appropriate hole and press the power button, the powerful motor and extra sharp blades will cut effortlessly and in just a few seconds.

Automatic cleaning and washing.

Don't want more things to wash?

No problem, when you've finished using it, put soap and water in the tray and press the button, MultiChef® will wash itself thanks to the rotation of the blades.


  • 1x MultiCutter
  • 1x Adjustable blade
  • 1x FREE dicing blade
  • 1x FREE grating and chopping blade
  • 1x FREE Grated Cheese Container
  • 1x FREE chopped vegetables container
  • 1x Power Cable
  • 1x Instruction manual in Italian

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