Effortless Furniture Lifting and Maneuvering

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Size & Lifting height: // Size: 3.34*3.62*7.87 inchs// Weight: 660g // Lifting height: 0.2-3.94 inchs // Lifting weight: 120kg // Holding weight: 240kg
Packs: One Pack
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Unlock the Power of Effortless DIY with PowerLift™

Are you tired of struggling to move heavy furniture around your house or juggling tools while fixing that stubborn door? Look no further!

Introducing PowerLift™, your ultimate companion for seamless DIY projects and hassle-free home improvements.

Effortlessly Move Furniture with Ease

Say goodbye to strained muscles and scratched floors. With PowerLift™, moving heavy furniture becomes a breeze. Whether you're rearranging your living room or giving your bedroom a fresh look, this tool will be your trusty lifting partner.

Experience the joy of effortlessly gliding your furniture into place, transforming your home without the back-breaking work.

Over 6,500+ Satisfied Customers Worldwide!

  • Dervla W.


    I bought these pads for my washer/dryer combo unit to keep it from moving around and to make it quieter while washing close, but when we tried to slide them under the unit, we couldn't lift it. Got the PowerLift™ 2 pack lifting device and I was able to lift the washer/dryer by myself. Took about 5 minutes to place the rubber pads under the unit. Washer dryer combos are heavy, but these lifts worked like a charm

  • Cecelia T.


    I bought these to lift a very heavy desk so I could slide a carpet under the desk. They worked great and I have found a number of other lifting projects where they have come in handy. The quality is very good, they are very sturdy and I have not found a project they won't handle. They now have a permanent place in my shop.

  • Joyce B.


    It help up my refrigerator so that I could clean out all the dirt and dog hair and got stuck underneath the refrigerator. It did not leave a dent in the refrigerator and was easy to unweight and take out afterwards. Great product!

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Hold Doors in Place with Confidence

Fixing a door has never been easier. PowerLift™ provides you with the stability and support you need to hold doors in place while you work your DIY magic. Whether you're replacing hinges or adjusting a latch, this tool will be your helping hand, ensuring precise and stress-free repairs.

No more frustrating moments of struggling to keep the door steady or searching for someone to lend a hand.

Simplify Your Home Improvement Journey

We understand the challenges that DIY enthusiasts face. That's why we've engineered PowerLift™ to be your all-in-one solution. Its versatility and ease of use make it the perfect companion for any home improvement project.

Effortlessly lift, move, and hold objects with precision, simplifying your tasks and reducing the time and effort required to achieve outstanding results.

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