UZI Gel Guns ( 10-PACK )

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uzi orbeez gun

JFIEEI UZI orbeez gun gel blaster

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Features an extra magazine, more loading capacity, and longer shooting!

The 10-Pack kit includes everything you need for team battles!

Play outdoor shooting games this summer with the gel blaster!


Power: Rechargeable Battery
Mode: Full auto/Semi-auto
Shooting Range: 60-75 ft
Magazine: 600 rounds 
Battery charge time: 3-4 hours
Fire rate: up to 8 rounds per second
Ammunition: 7-8 mm water beads
Recommended age: 12+


10 UZI Gel Blaster
100,000 rounds of ammo
10 Safety goggles
10 Hoppers & Magazines
10 Rechargeable batteries
10 Charging cables

Safety Attention

Recommended for ages 12 and up. 
Children should play under adult supervision.
Do not take the gel blaster to school or public places.
Do not aim at strangers or passersby.
Do not paint the blaster to look like a firearm.
Read the manual and all warnings before using it. 

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