Gel Ball Blaster Pistol - JFIEEI

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JFIEEI Gel Pistol Toy Gun

Best Toy for Outdoor Activities - Kids and adults alike enjoy playing gell ball blasters because these games are fast-paced, adrenaline-inducing challenges that everybody can enjoy! 

Safe for Backyard Play - Water gel balls are shot from the Orbeez gun; they will break immediately after impact, disappearing once dry, leaving no mess in your garden.


gel blaster pistol for kids

Easy Operating - Simply charge the battery, soak the gel beads, install the battery and the bullets, and you are ready to shoot for hours.


gel blaster installation

High Magazine Capacity, Much More Fun - Compared to a soft bullet gun, a gel blaster has a larger magazine capacity, allowing it to be used for longer periods of time.

Full Range of Accessories—1 magazine, 10,000 water balls, 1 goggle, and 1 USB charging cable.


gel pistol toy gun

Safety Reminder

1. Wear the goggles when playing;

2. Charge the battery before using;

3. Soak the gel pellets for 2-4 hours for size 7-8mm;

4. Don't shoot at strangers or bystanders;

5. Don't shoot at eyes, face, or head;

6. Don't take the toy gun in a public place.

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gel blaster for team battle