Great White Shark Night Light Lamp, Artisan Resin

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Size: 14*15*3cm.
Or other size can be customized.

Epoxy resin, camphor wood, other models.

Resin art night light, with USB Lamp holder.
Underwater world
Completely handmade, custom, made to order.
Exquisite polishing process, as smooth as a mirror.

This style is relatively simple and elegant,
If you want to add seagrass, coral, freestyle diver, deep sea diver,
You can leave me a message directly in the order, I will customize it for you.
If you need to add other models, scenes, or change the design, size, profile,
Please contact me directly.

If you need other styles, models, sizes, or even colors,
just contact me,
Or leave me a message in your order.
Nice to meet you, and hope everything goes well.

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