Cyberpunk USB Plug Blockchain Independent Control

Color: USB Blockchain PRO
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PRO version

· Add a front 3-way USB2.0 data interface, which is convenient to plug in the receiver and can transmit data.

· Add a front 6-way switch indicator light to facilitate viewing the power supply status.

· Enhance the sense of desktop ceremony. Six USB devices can be inserted behind the table, and only one power supply is required.

· 6 metal mechanical toggle switch, which can independently control each USB power supply switch.

· The power depends on how much you charging plug. We recommend that you use a power supply above 5V3A. We do not recommend that you use a device with high power.

· Product Size: 161mmx53mmx43mm random delivery TypeC input wire


Power statistics of our products:

IPS clock = 1.9W R clock = 1.5W WFD clock = 1.9W VU level meter = 0.4W level Light = 1.8W


Yeelight screen hanging light = 6.5W


TYPEC into x2
USB output x9
Only 5V input is supported.
Metal toggle switch
Only one 6-way independent switch control is needed to abandon ordinary power strip
Circuit board gold sinking process
New status light display plug and play without any settings

We recommend that you use a 5V-3A or higher power adapter,
To obtain no less than 15W power supply, only suitable for desktop small power devices.


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