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Size: logo/ image -11.8"(30cm)
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Tell us your most inspirational ideas, and we'll turn them into a bright, eye-catching sign that you can put up right where no one will miss it. Have it hung up outside your office building to let customers and passers-by know how motivated you and your employees are, or hang it in your main office lobby so that the entire team can be reminded of their aims and goals every time they walk past it? When work is dull and dry and leaves you feeling exhausted at the end of the day, this sign is exactly what you need to see to brighten up your spirits with its cheerful glow.
Wedding Party / Wedding Reception decor/ Aesthetic Room Decor / Home Decor / Engagement / Birthday Party/ redecorating room / Father's day gifts/ Bridesmaid proposal

· Neon Sign
· Power Supply and Adaptor
· Dimmer Switch
· Drill holes for installation & Installation Screws
· Made from flexible, long-lasting and environmentally friendly led neon strip with a 0.2-inch-thick acrylic mounting backboard cut along the shape.
· The wedding neon sign come standard with a 2 meters clear power cord and power adapter, with a plug fit for your location standard.
This is based on your requires in customized box. You can choose 1 of 3 available shapes for your sign:
+ Cut to Shape
+ Cut to Square
+ Cut to Letter

Any question, please send us message to get the answer. Hope that you’ll be happy with your great neon sign from us.

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