APEX Legends RE-45 Nerf Blaster

$45.99 $49.99

    Realistic APEX Legends RE-45 Pistol Nerf Blaster

    Sci-fi style pistol with powerful performance, long range, and high accuracy



    • Stunning Futuristic Style: The prototype is RE-45 from Apex Legends. The orange alloy bracket adds a stylish appearance while strengthening the structure. Also built with an aluminum barrel and piston, enhancing durability and bullet stability.
      • Bolt Hold Open Function: The dart blaster has a special feature that holds the bolt open if there aren't any bullets in the magazine. All you have to do is press the release button to return it to its original state. Very realistic!
        • Soft and Safe Bullets: These bullets are made of foam material that is elastic, not harmful to the human body, and can be fired safely by children. A straight-shooting range of 28 feet and an arc shooting range of 35 feet.
          • More Accessories: The toy gun magazine can hold 8 soft bullets. 20 pcs foam darts are included for endless play. It is suitable for nerf battles and other play scenarios.
            • These are the coolest gifts for boys for the holidays or their birthdays. Teens who are interested in the shooting will love these gifts.


            Package Included

            1 Dart blaster

            1 Magazine

            20 Darts