All-in-one Rechargeable Heat Sealer, Hand Vacuum Pump

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It combines a food bag heat sealer/opener, air pump, and vacuum pump, bringing you the most convenient life.


Go soft Go bad Not crispy

Heat Sealer Hand Vacuum Pump

Easy Sealing

Plastic Bag Sealer and Opener

High-Temperature Sealing

Bags Suitable for Heat Sealing

Heat Sealer & Hand Vacuum Pump

For Pump Usage

Food-Grade Plastic Bag

Airtight Rubber Pump Head

Use it Right  Keep it Airtight

Product Details

Product Structure

Weight: 0.3lb

Dimensions: 1.8*6.7 inches
Inflation Pressure: 100KPA
Vacuum Pressure: -65KPA
Voltage: 5V
Battery Capacity: 800mAh


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What's in the box

1*Vacuum Sealer
2*Clear Plastic Bags
2*Vacuum Storage Bags
2*Air Bags
1*Ball Needle
1*Air Nozzle

 All-in-one design: food bag heat sealer/opener, air pump, and vacuum pump.

Easy to use.

Low noise operation.

Wide application for plastic food bags, storage bags, lunch boxes, balls, etc.

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