Splatter Ball Gun - Scorpion

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Videos of the splatter guns have been viewed by millions of people online and shared on social media. It is also known as a gel blaster, orbeez gun, etc. This safe alternative to paintball guns or BB guns shoots natural, non-toxic gel balls. As long as they're less powerful than paintball guns, parents feel secure that their children are safe playing with them.

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Why choose this Scorpion model?

Over the past year, scorpion guns have been the most popular splatter ball guns. By transforming the traditional magazine into a drum, not only is the gaming experience enhanced but water is prevented from entering the blaster, which prolongs its life.

Cool appearance and high performance make it a great gift idea for boys and girls for birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

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About this Scorpion Model

Power: Rechargeable Battery
Mode: Full Auto/Semi-auto
Shooting Range: 60-75 ft
Magazine: 500 rounds
Battery charge time: 2-3 hours
Fire rate: up to 8 rounds per second
Ammunition: 7-8 mm water beads
Recommended age: 12+


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What includes?

- Scorpion splatter ball gun
-20,000 rounds of ammo
-Protective goggles
-Rechargeable battery
-Charging cable
-Aiming device

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Recommended for ages 12 +.
Use under adult supervision.
Splatter ball guns should not be taken into public.
Do not shoot at strangers.
Do not paint the gun or freeze the gel beads.

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