How painful is it to get hit by a gel blaster?


Since gel blaster has been active on major social media platforms this year, its safety has gradually attracted everyone's attention. Videos shared on tiktok and facebook show that when the person in the video is hit by the orbeez gun, he will suddenly jump up and dodges around. So how painful is it to be hit?

1. What is the difference between a gel blaster and a BB gun?

Compared to airsoft, which uses BBs, Gel Ball Blaster uses gel bullets that are soaked in water to grow to 7-8mm, which break when they encounter obstacles, and vanish when dry. Gel pellets provide similar performance in terms of range and accuracy compared to BBs but are less powerful.

2. Why did people who were hit react so strongly?

Just like jumping up after being bounced by a bungee cord, a sudden, concentrated blow is more obvious. If the bare skin is struck, the pain will be intense and immediate.

Additionally, the intensity of the pain is influenced by the power of the toy gun used. Splatrball guns, for example, are the most powerful gel blasters currently on the market. They are not intended to be used by children.

3. Will it leave marks when it hits bare skin?

According to our experiments with our blasters, if it is not shot repeatedly in the same area, it will not leave too obvious marks, though it is recommended that everyone wears thicker clothing during play.

In summary, as a new type of toy gun, the gel ball blaster will require time for acceptance by all, in order for everyone to enjoy the safe play. Please refrain from carrying toy firearms in public places and refrain from shooting at passers-by or strangers for the benefit of the community. Keep them in your own backyard or in closed activity centers.

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June 23, 2022 — JFIEEIMX